Atletico Erlangen e.V. Membership application

From the age of 18, the transition to individual membership takes place automatically. If you join after June 30th of a given year, only half the annual fee is charged. The membership fee and the respective branch fee are debited on the first working day of the year.
Please tick the desired membership.
Departments subject to additional contributions („Spartenbeitrag“). This applies regardless of the entry or exit date. I hereby register for the following department subject to additional fees:
A one-time admission fee is due for admission to Atletico Erlangen. This is 89 Euros. This includes a club presentation suit with individual initials. It can be kept when leaving the club. I expressly agree to this fee. Fee only for active memberships. Inactive membership please fill in "NO"
Within the last 6 years I was active in this club (national/international). In case of a change of club, 50% of the fee (aprox 23 Euro) is charged.
In case you don`t want to pay by direct debit, we charge a 10 Euro handling fee.
With my signature, I register as a binding member of Atlético Erlangen e.V. I have taken note of the statutes and fully accept their regulations. I am aware that according to the articles of association, resignation is only possible at the end of the year. A notice period of two months to the end of the year (receipt on October 31st of the current year) must be observed. Cancellations with later receipt automatically apply to the end of the following year. Parents (legal guardians) are responsible for their child's obligation to contribute. I declare my consent to the storage of my personal data for purely internal organizational purposes. The stored data are subject to data protection. I am aware that the names and pictures of club members can be published on the club's website, in the club booklet or on various online information sites (e.g., If in doubt, I will inform the responsible trainer that my name or picture of myself or my relatives should not be published and, if necessary, keep away from photographers.
By submitting, I accept the statutes and all other applicable regulations (e.g. contribution regulations) in the currently valid version. I agree that all of my data related to the activities of the association will be stored on the basis of the applicable data protection regulations. I agree to the publication of photos of me that are related to my club activities. A copy of the current version of the fee regulations will be given to me on request or I can download it from the website here. I authorize Atletico Erlangen to debit the membership fee from my bank account mentioned above.
ATTENTION: The date of entry is the current date when you fill out this online application.
Clicking on the submit button "Absenden" is equivalent to signing a paper application for membership and establishes identical legal bases.